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Grant Scholarships for Students

Pay for a Child's School Fees and Give them Free-Education for Life

The Sayyeda Zainab Foundation believes it is every child's birth-right to be empowered through Education. Unfortunately, most curriculums are commercialized and the essence of learning is lost. Developing nations have millions of smart students who don't gain conventional exposure to educational methods that most countries are able to provide to their population at no cost.

We are on a mission to empower 1 Billion Human Beings by providing Free-Education through our foundation and it's educators to students globally. Our approach begins with the sector of Early Childhood Education and we have courses that develop the minds of youth available on Udemy that have been distributed worldwide with a successful student rate of learning.

However, there are many unfortunate families are unable to pay for their child's education from (Kindergarten - Master's Degree). Children at all levels of education desire to break free from their parents' cycle of poverty and they are hoping their progeny receives education.

S.Z.F firmly believes in serving humans to achieve their potential through education to harness life skills, specialization, and expertise in various fields so that these individuals can become contributors to society, independently earn for themselves and their families, and finally break from the vicious cycle of poverty.

For the past four years, the Sayyeda Zainab Foundation has sponsored a young female in the nation of India to complete her undergraduate degree and now is currently enrolled in a 2 year Master's degree program.

We envision to continue supporting cases of this caliber so we appreciate your support by contributing any amount of tuition fees for this project by clicking HERE.



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