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Establish Quran Schools

Provide Free-Education to students at Madrasas in Villages by teaching them Quran

Educating Children on Quran (ages 2-19 years) by building custom-made separate schools for boys and girls to learn from the Holy Quran.

Our team locates a land that has been given for Waqf and sets up all infranstructure from ground up or redevelops a pre-exsisting land by construction of the windows, set up the electricity, fix the washrooms, paint the walls, and secure the center with strong doors.

The Sayyeda Zainab Foundation Madrasa educates students to:

• Learn the basics of how to read the letters in the Quran

• Learn the official recitation of the entire Quran in Arabic from (Surah Fatihah - Surah Naas)

• Learn the memorization of the Holy Quran in all 30 Chapters

• Learn the essential meaning of each Surah's Quranic stories

We have 2 campuses, one for females and one for males in the town of Mardan, Pakistan and in Hyderabad, India.

In the Boys Madrasa, we have 4 Qaris and 1 Mufti

In the Girls Madrasa, we have 6 Quran Instructors

Every 6 months there are around 25-30 students who complete the Quran the Qaida.

We aim to expand in other countires and continue developing the exsisting Quran Schools, support this project today, by clicking HERE.



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