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Provide Healthy Meal Packages

Sayyeda Zainab Mosque Daily Meals Program

As part of the daily meals program to support the homeless, the less fortunate and visitors in and around the surrounding area of the Sayyeda Zainab Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, we require your support.

Individuals struggling rely on food packages distributed so they their families can eat.

Help make a difference by supporting the neighbors of the Sayyeda Zainab Mosque.

Be a patron, support SZF’s daily meal program today to provide food for a human today!

These meals are delivered daily, on special occasions such as the annual birth and death anniversary of Sayyeda Zainab. During Ramadan and the blessed months as well as all year round.

Our Healthy meal-package includes a portion of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables, we are capable with the help of volunteer teams on the ground to organize and feed large numbers and cater to big feeding / etam events

Help make a difference. Join us in this Zainabiyya campaign by clicking here to support.


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