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Support a Zainabiyya

Empower Women to Establish & Sustain Holy works from their Homes

What is a "Zainabiyya"?

A Zainabiyya is a sacred space which acts in the same functioning manner as a Zawiyyah or Khankha. Our Zainabiyyas are owned and operated privately by individualls globally. Those operating in low-income communities require support to sustain acitivities and programs. The purpose of supporting a Zainabiyya is designed to empower female community leaders to hold space for women and girls in their respective communities.

SZF has a growing number of global Zainabiyya sacred spaces. As part of our campaign to spread the love and teachings of the Ahl al Bayt, SZF supports Zainabiyyas in South Asia amidst underprivileged communities in order to support women leadership, hold spaces for women to heal and connect.

Monthly Activities & Programs in a supported Zainabiyya:

  • Khatam of One Quran

  • 21- 40 Khatam of Yasin 

  • Salawat Shareef Khatams 

  • Qasida Burda Khatam

  • Meal distribution after recital

  • Dedication of reward to all contributors with names

What is needed now ?

Financially supporting a Zainabiyya entails supporting the hostess and her household in addition to supporting the monthly running activities which are intended to assist women take up leadership roles, hold space, conduct sacred recitals and feel included in the larger community. 

Current locations in need of support: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh

Click here: "Contribute Today" and select any amount to give back for this S.Z.F project.


Quran Khatams Completed


Zainabiyyas Established Worldwide

Females Positively Empowered

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